A peaceful creative space

10/02 - A peaceful creative space

SO GRATEFUL to have this beautiful space to work in at home and catch some creative energy today! All part of the process... x

It's all about the process...

10/11 - It's all about the process...

Moving Forward - ceasing the moment right there in front of us, even when we can't see the destination that lays ahead...having faith in the process x  

Australian Artist - Botanical prints

05/11 - Australian Artist - Botanical prints

I LOVE DRAWING! Looking to nature for grounding and resetting my mind and body. Can you feel it?!  Currently working on a new series called 'Forest bathing' coming soon x     

New Work Coming! Botancials artist brisbane x

29/10 - New Work Coming! Botancials artist brisbane x

NEW WORK COMING! Beautiful shapes from inspiring bush lands and rainforests that I've seen on my travels or that surround my home in Brissy... x  

Botancials Artist Brisbane

22/10 - Botancials Artist Brisbane

Enjoying the process! - So friendly, inviting and playful! I LOVE grabbing just a few moments when I can to have fun and be playful, drawing these fun, elegant and organic shapes derived from my mind and the flow of the pencil...