moroccan print Marrakesh print

27/02 - moroccan print Marrakesh print

Client feedback: " I will forever be in love with this @clairestelleprintshop Marrakech print. I love the shadow of the date palm and the colours are perfection. Her work is incredible! I also love how the shadow play on the walls of the lower right hand side look like there is a lion in the corner. Can anyone else see it or is it just me? Lol" This Photographic Print is part of the 'World Travel' Series available via the print shop.

morocco print / new zealand print

03/09 - morocco print / new zealand print

MOROCCAN RUSTIC with a dash of New Zealand ~ A private collection of prints ~ A beautiful little collection selected by a client in the NT. Some really rustic, warmth going on here in this series. A selection of photographic prints from Morocco and the natural elements of beautiful NZ. Printed in A3 size and professionally framed by the client

Arrowtown New Zealand, Photographic Print

30/07 - Arrowtown New Zealand, Photographic Print

Arrowtown private collection ~ this morning I put together a collection of photographic prints for a customer, created in and around Arrowtown, New Zealand. Have you visited there before? It's a quaint little village, bustling with the hum of humanity and very good coffee to carry you through a day of exploring!

new zealand photographic print / black and white print

10/07 - new zealand photographic print / black and white print

Black & white print series ~ sending this little triptych off this week (A1 in size!) to a new home right here in Australia. A beautiful statement piece... A collection of 3 prints from the New Zealand in Colour Collection. Photographs taken whilst road tripping and hiking through the South Island of NZ 

A Photographer's self portrait

20/06 - A Photographer's self portrait

Scheming & dreaming ... 📷 🖌️ A self portrait from the 2018 archive