A peaceful creative space

10/02 - A peaceful creative space

SO GRATEFUL to have this beautiful space to work in at home and catch some creative energy today! All part of the process... x

Drawing in the flow

09/02 - Drawing in the flow

CELEBRATING! new beginnings with the flow of the pencil. This milk Cactus sits on the deck at home. Other drawings are from the surrounding nature near my home in The Gap, Brisbane x

Home Studio

09/02 - Home Studio

ENJOYING this space of serenity & creativity yesterday at home. After the renovations had been completed it took me a while to settle in to my little home studio but I really LOVE and appreciate the space now, feeling right at home x

Allowing space for peace and calm

12/11 - Allowing space for peace and calm

Sometimes I just need a little calm to see it all more clearly. Drawing and being peaceful with no direction or goal, just drawing! x    

Australian Artist - Botanical prints

05/11 - Australian Artist - Botanical prints

I LOVE DRAWING! Looking to nature for grounding and resetting my mind and body. Can you feel it?!  Currently working on a new series called 'Forest bathing' coming soon x