New beginnings are the best...

19/08 - New beginnings are the best...

C R E A T I V I T Y is such an important part of my every day. This is an early days 'fleeting moment' sketch of the new colourful nature inspired series LUX BOTANICA ✨

Colourful Flower Print - good vibrations!

19/08 - Colourful Flower Print - good vibrations!

SPRING COLOUR POP III PRINT - Happy vibes of pastel green, pink & brown in this Australian nature inspired artwork. Perfect for any spacing looking for an injection of VIBRANT COLOUR and sunny LOVE.  Available in large & small prints. Posted with Love from Sunny Brisbane, Australia x

LOVES of my life x

17/08 - LOVES of my life x

F A M I L Y ~ My boys, Ollie 4, Lennon 6 & my partner Grant. I took this photo one morning wandering through the Botanical Gardens in brisbane. Have you visited there recently?! I LOVE it there! I was a professional photographer for many years (@clairestellephoto) so these guys are well and truly familiar with the camera :) I am so lucky to have these beautiful humans in my life!

Colour your life!

14/08 - Colour your life!

C O L O U R L O V E ! The Colours of 'Lux Botanica' New art series printed and sending your way x

Admiring nature's beauty

14/08 - Admiring nature's beauty

P E A C E F U L N E S S - I have a lovely open space sitting amongst the trees, where I admire nature's beauty. This is one of the best places to be, even if it's just for a few minutes, sitting and listening to the wind in the trees and the birds softly singing. I am so lucky to be here and have this day today to bask in nature's beauty!